Harbour Landing Construction employs all best practices to comply and keep pace with the standards set by environmental leaders in the building industry.

  • We promote the role of the individual as a key stakeholder in responsible environmental management and raise our employees' awareness of environmentally friendly options.
  • We endorse recycling, waste reduction, reduced paper consumption, and the proper and safe disposal of all hazardous materials.
  • We monitor our environmental performance through internal audits to ensure that our environmental programs are current and sustainable.
  • We ensure that our employees and contractors comply with all applicable environmental laws and order an immediate stoppage of work should they fail to do so.
  • During the bidding process, we review our environmental practices with the client, trades, consultants, and other stakeholders to determine environmental challenges specific to the project.
  • All contaminated materials including asbestos are identified before demolition, and removed by qualified trades under BC safe practice policy. Construction does not begin until all contaminated materials are removed from the building site.
  • During demolition, all reusable materials including drywall are separated and disposed of, or recycled or reused. This process is controlled and managed by our Senior Site Supervisor who reviews recycling decisions with the assigned Project Manager.
  • Upon completion of projects, we review our environmental performance with the clients, trades, consultants, and other stakeholders.